Clínica Regina

The Tinta NEOʼs main characteristic has been the experimentation and graphic innovation. Not only has worked and taught traditional stamping processes, but also has developed alternative techniques with contemporary materials and recycling. It has been a space of encounter and professional work, where artists in formation and already recognized, have coincided, seeing their work feedback and generating, sometimes, projects in common. The NEO Ink Workshop has been a place dedicated to the training of engravers, printers and editors, and the space itself and the work dynamics have made possible the constant coexistence between artists from other disciplines like poets, musicians, critics, theorists, curators and people not necessarily linked to the arts. This coexistence has enriched all the members of the workshop and their works.

Tinta Neo, from its origin, has been linked to the Clínica Regina cultural project that seeks the recovery of the headquarters building, but also the direct interference in the cultural life of the country, using the medical metaphor to carry out “cultural diagnoses”. Thus, in collaboration with the team of cultural managers of Clinica Regina, exhibitions have been developed within the building's own facilities, but also in other spaces and in collaboration with different institutions, both within Mexico City, the rest of Mexico and foreigner. Due to this collaboration, Taller de Tinta Neo It has been possible to make exclusive editions, supported to the development of projects and advice to artists, projects with other workshops, courses of professionalization, exchange of artists and printers and even artistic residences.

Currently, Tinta Neo besides the production of quality editions, it has been a hotbed of new artists, making emphasis on experimentation and quality printing.


Pulque is one of the ancestral drinks of mexico. Coming from the mucilage of the maguey (mexican cacti), the fermented drink has been present in Mexican culture since pre- Cortesian times.

Filled with myths, legends, poetry, music, art and many other cultural manifestations, it has been a drink that has ceased to be so popular among the population. However, the mysticism that accompanies the elixir is still present in the country, the temples where their parishioners gladly celebrate the drink, pulquerías, still are centers of art, of exchange of ideas, the place of the celebration of popular manifestations of joy.

The NEO ink workshop is happy to promote the drink and the enjoy of this drink, full of stories, traditions that reach the very roots of our country. This drink joins the past with the present, give us a the power and happiness to face the future.

The prints are a selection of new artist and some of the old school masters of the NEO. The artist came from different latitudes of Mexico City, and show the great diversity of publics that still frequent the pulquerías and that keep alive the traditions and roots of their culture.