Nguyễn Thị Kiều Diễm

I was born in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I’m an illustration artist, working freelance in my own team. I usually illustrate for children books using watercolor or digital. I love children and the ocean. I go to Nha Trang beach at least once per year with my little family. I have a 5 years old son, can’t say how much I love him. When Nataasja contacted me about “Prayers”, I became really excited to think and ask myself what I am praying for in this world. I think about the ocean I love, think about children, my son, his future, their future… Every time I went to Nha Trang beach, sit on the sand and look to the sky, I think about human daily activities that break the natural life, smear the ocean, and I'm scared for the future of children, of my son. Their/ his future maybe have no more pure water, ocean maybe no more safe enough to swim, air maybe no more clean enough to breath normal.

Do you hear about Formosa? What did they do with the ocean? What can we do and how long to fix it? How many other companies like Formosa are doing thing like they do?

If prayers can be true, I will pray for stopping bad activities of humans that are breaking the natural, smears ocean, and kills animal excessive. I pray for a future where children can swim, breathe, and spend their childhood in love, peace, pure natural and grow healthy.

Express my gratitude to Nataasja and everybody to organize Prayers exhibition, this is my honor to be a part.