Jaime Guerrero

Before I am an artist I am a craftsman.

My work is about intersecting experiences and the rediscovery and shaping of relics into new forms as a way of self-questioning. Many things can exist as relics. In my vocabulary relics can be ancient artifacts but they can also exist as metaphors for objects in our memory. These memories exist in a place and time and the objects associated to them are what I consider intersecting experiences. These intersecting experiences come in many different forms and tap into our subconscious in different ways. My work seeks to connect to an audience on this level. This connection to someone else’s nostalgia of objects in a place and time is what intrigues me the most.

It is important for me as an artist to create fine crafted glass sculptures because it is exactly this interaction with the material that solidifies and unfolds the rediscovery process for me. It is also significant that these objects be recognizable as a tool for association. Glass is the perfect medium to accomplish these goals because of its ethereal quality and its nature of transparency.

These pieces represent Nature and the spirit world. Antlers and deer are very loaded for me. They represent entering adulthood and right of passage. Shamans use objects like this to summons our ancestors and can be used as a tool for healing.