Jorge Bernal

Jorge Bernal was born in 1955 in a small, rural town in the state of Michoacan, Mexico. He showed his artistic side at a very early age, drawing various subjects in his elementary school notebooks.

In the early 1960’s, Jorge’s family moved to the city of Tijuana, where they lived for three years before moving to Mexicali, in Baja California. They resided in Mexicali for many years, which allowed Jorge the opportunity to complete his education. He has a degree in Architecture.

During this time, Jorge continued to pursue his passion for drawing, but had not yet begun to paint. It wasn’t until he relocated to Los Angeles in the 1990’s that he began to experiment with watercolors, which helped him develop a different, more personal style.

Some would describe Jorge’s work as “Outsider Art”. It reflects that style to some extent. What he shares with many “outsiders” is the fact that he did not study drawing and painting.

His art is abstract and semi-abstract. It consists of watercolors and drawings in ink and pencil, with some pieces that mix various media.

It can be very simple or complicated, as it ranges from combinations of colors and irregular shapes or figures (sometimes human) to very intricate and detailed compositions.

It is “inundated” with symbols that come from the deepest regions of his subconscious. He feels a great need to share these with as many individuals as possible.

Jorge currently resides in Highland Park, California.