Lucía Vidales

I like to think my work as a possibility of creating complex and heterogeneous forms, irreducible to mere visuality or dicotomical relationships, resisting to linear and progressive temporalities as to a productivist logic. My practice is centered in painting, which is to me like a living dead connecting past with future and defining a present time. Painting interests me as a time-space of impurity full of tensions and contradictions, as an in between and not a safe place to be. In my work it refers to fragmented emotional, historical and cultural processes, between fear, desire and memory. Which are articulated by imagination, color and the materiality of painting, fading, accumulating into non euclidean spaces. My work goes from figuration to abstraction, searching for repulsion and enjoyment at the same time. I don´t think painting in terms of dimensions How many dimensions does thinking has? A painting isn´t simply a plane, nor a thing, it includes all links in which we can relate with it, I don´t think of something completely pure, free of a hidden violence that shaders any idea into something contradictory and full of tensions.