Margoth Abrego

Margoth Abrego was born in the town of San Martín, in the department of San Salvador, El Salvador on October 7, 1959. She began her journey into the arts from a very young age at the local public elementary school, "Jorge Larde." During her regular classes, the artist recalls, she would draw flowers and landscapes on the margins of the pages in her notebooks.

The painter, Jorge Marmol, also from the town of San Martín, is Margoth Abrego's cousin. He has the biggest influence on her work. She learned from him to use brilliant, warm colors and she often paints San Martín's public well. Margoth Abrego arrived in Los Angeles, California, USA in 1980 to settle permanently with her husband, Douglas Abrego, and her two eldest daughters, Leisy and Claudia. Two more children, Tatiana and Natalie, were born in the United States.