Monica Gomez

Monica Gomez was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Anthropology from UCLA, and later when on to pursue her Doctorate in Clinical Forensic Psychology. In between her studies, she’s had opportunities to explore several continents and experience differing ways of life first hand. She considers traveling to be a deep-rooted passion of hers, where trekking unfamiliar terrain and living in foreign countries have opened her eyes to the beauty of culture and community. While traveling, Monica has never felt so confident in who she is or what it is that she wants from life. The travel bug bit her decades ago, and she considers herself to be permanently infected with a beautiful disease that does not have venom powerful enough to cure it, let alone keep her complacent in one location long enough to recover.

Throughout Monica’s journeys, she has been able to capture some of her experiences in the form of photography, and retrospectively view them through a psychological lens. Her photographs tell stories of therapeutic experiences, introspection, and expeditions through the mind, body, and soul.