Ricardo Flores

Ricardo Flores was born August 14, 1966 in Mexico City, Mexico D.F. Even as a child Flores was fascinated by art; as a professional, he has devoted more than 20 years perfecting his art.

Flores enjoys participating in cultural events. His impact in the art world is featured in:
Casa Cultural Saybrook: Walk Art, September 16 Independence Day Exhibition, April 28 Día del Niño (Save the Planet) Exhibition, and art classes
KGB Studios: 50-50 Art Exhibition to benefit SAI’s (Spanish American Institute) Latino Scholarship fund
Cactus Gallery: Art Exhibition of Birds (November), February 14 Valentine’s Day Exhibition
El ARCA (East Los Angeles Remarkable Citizens’ Association, Inc): Second Annual Silent 50-50 Art Auction at Plaza de la Raza, and voluntary art classes. El ARCA is currently exhibiting his works
Juan’s Restaurante: Juan Mondragon selected Flores as the designer and creator of La Feria del Nopal awards (for actors, artists, and politicians) for two consecutive years-- 2011 and 2012. Flores simultaneously had an art exhibit in both years of the fair
Casa Jiménez: Art Exhibition in Casa Jiménez (Mexican Grill Food Restaurant) during the Walk Art of Pomona
Dave’s Chillin’ & Grillin’: Art Exhibition
Familia Unida: Wheel Chair Wash-- Flores donated four pieces of art for a fundraising auction. Flores also had an art exhibition at Civic Center concurrently.
TelaSofa: ELAFF 2012 (E.L.A. International Youth Film Festival) created by Juan Escobedo— Flores produced two sculptures and the podium for the event.
So Cal Burgers: Classic Car Nights Walk Art Exhibition
Cobá Gallery: Art Exhibition on Day of the Mayans in Los Angeles
Cabalarturo Studio: Art Exhibition in La Puente
Bereavisión channel 31.6: Hogar al Día Interview