Sergio Hernandez

Sergio Hernández (born in 1948 in Los Angeles, CA) is a painter and cartoonist living in Acton, CA. Hernández earned his BA degree in 1976 in Chicano Studies and minor in art from CSU Northridge. He has exhibited his work at the National Museum of Mexican Art in Chicago, IL; Gallista Art Gallery in San Antonio, TX; Oakland Museum of California; Vincent Price Museum, Los Angeles, CA; Cornell University, NY; Bilkent University Ankara, Turkey; University of Wisconsin; The DA Gallery, Pomona, CA; ChimMaya Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA; Ave. 50 Gallery, Los Angeles, CA; Santa Paula Museum of Art, CA; Santa Paula Oil Museum, CA; CSU Channel Islands; Arte Americas, Fresno, CA; CA State Capitol Building; The Latino Museum, Los Angeles, CA; and the MOAH in Lancaster, CA. He was selected to be an artist in residence at the Coronado Studios, Austin, TX. Hernández was one of the original staff of the historical social political magazine “Con Safos” and created the “Arnie & Porfi” cartoon strip. He publishes his cartoons in several periodicals and social media. In 2009 he was awarded 2nd place for Best Original Editorial Cartoons by the National Newspaper Association’s Better Newspapers Contest.