Terry Wolfinger

Having grown up in the Bay Area, Terry Wolfinger moved to LA after high School to attend CalArts. He graduated with a BFA in Character Animation in 1989 and went on to create animation for various rock video companies. He later became the cover artist and art director for GameFan Magazine, painting nearly 100 unique covers. Terry has been a character designer and concept artist for Stan Winston Studio and numerous film, video game and comic book companies. He has attended the prestigious Sebastian Kruger Painting Workshop in Germany twice. Terry makes his living as a freelance illustrator and fine artist. He currently exhibits his new classic monster paintings at Monsterpalooza and Halloweentown in Burbank, CA, and has had held exhibitions in Pasadena, LA, San Francisco and Chicago. He is also a frequent cover artist for Famous Monsters magazine as well a key artist and finisher for various current video game properties.